“Shelley is an extremely talented designer who is also adept at managing other designers. As a product designer on both Zune and Xbox 360, Shelley demonstrated consumer insights, creative talent and strategic perspective. She played a major role on both UI design as well as package design and the 'out-ofbox-experience' for Zune and for Xbox 360. She understands the importance of good design in shaping the consumer's experience with a brand and the relationship between design and brand-building. She is a collaborative team player who can articulate a strong, well reasoned point of view for her work. I highly recommend her.”
- Don Hall, Director, Xbox & Zune Brand Marketing

Pixeldiva is more than just my Gamertag - I am trained in the mysterious arts of Design and User Experience - the highly complex world of branding, typography, composition, grids, colour theory, interaction models, usability and of course the secret ingredient - Delight.

I have been making my living as a a creative professional for nearly 20 years now - that means that I sit at my shiny computer creating compelling and intuitive design solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and simple to use.

Originally from Ireland, I ran my own small graphic design studio working mostly in branding and print collateral - everything from logo design to brochures and food packaging.

Based in the Seattle area for the last 15 years, I spent many years making games for companies such as Electronic Arts and Looking Glass which was a huge amount of fun. I was also a freelance web designer before joining Microsoft and working on both Xbox and Zune - everything from UI to web design, print and out of box experience, while at the same time building an in house design team of over 40 designers.

I have spoken at design conferences such as HOW in Atlanta, Georgia and also as far afield as Bangalore, India.

I was creative director at Ascentium, an interactive agency, before joining NCR over a year ago to help change the way the company creates products, focusing more on the overall consumer experience.

I am making the world a better place one pixel at a time....if you need my help with a project, please get in touch

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