“Shelley is an extremely talented designer who is also adept at managing other designers. As a product designer on both Zune and Xbox 360, Shelley demonstrated consumer insights, creative talent and strategic perspective. She played a major role on both UI design as well as package design and the 'out-ofbox-experience' for Zune and for Xbox 360. She understands the importance of good design in shaping the consumer's experience with a brand and the relationship between design and brand-building. She is a collaborative team player who can articulate a strong, well reasoned point of view for her work. I highly recommend her.”
- Don Hall, Director, Xbox & Zune Brand Marketing

“Shelley has an amazingly keen eye for great design and for design talent. After working alongside her for years, I am constantly impressed by her ability to deliver world-class work. She can manage complex projects, difficult relationships, and diverse teams while providing the right level of leadership to make it all work. She's awesome.”
- Paolo Malabuyo, User Experience Manager, Microsoft

“Shelley is one of the most dedicated and creative forces I have had the pleasure of working with. She always brought innovative solutions to the table, while preserving the scope and timelines for the projects we worked on together. Someone that can see the big picture, and still reign in the details is rare... Shelley is such a person.”
- Beau Folsom, Lead Artist, Electronic Arts

“Shelley has an incredible and rare combination of design skill and managerial excellence. She's action-oriented, fun to work with, and adds valuable perspective to any team. I'd jump at the opportunity to work with her again.”
-Ya-Bing Chu, Program Manager, Xbox Live, MSN, Microsoft

“I worked with Shelley on several product launches including Xbox 360, Xbox.com, and Zune. She brought a high level of professionalism, creativity, visual affinity, focus, and credibility to each of these products and was a key contributor to their success. Shelley is adept at managing a large team of designers, and has proven that she can lead with excellence and deliver on the strategic vision time and time again. Highly recommended!”
- Adam Ebel, User Experience Program Manager, Microsoft

“Holy cow this woman is like a walking incarnation of art itself. But none of that fussy art for the sake of art nonsense. Her work is pure, follows game design needs, and she's fast. Shelley was always able to create beautiful content within strict hardware limitations and was a cornerstone of the art team at Looking Glass Seattle. She rocks it.”
- David Sears, Project director, Looking Glass Studios                            

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